Our Mantra is

If we are not adding value and helping your business grow, we are not doing our job.

We follow an incredibly simple yet effective workflow:

  • We listen - we learn and understand your business
  • We study - your existing processes as well as the competition's
  • We share the vision - we think of ourselves as part of the team
  • We provide results - on time, and on budget

We could bore you with all of the geeky details, or you can continue to see what we can do for you!

Geeky Info  or   What can we do for you?
About SmartTIPS
SmartTips Delivers

All of your digital business needs

Design, print, programming, web development, and incredibly clever data collection techniques are just a few of the areas we shine!

Full Stack Developer

Consider a player who can play forward, defence, midfield and some time play as a goalkeeper. Very cost effective to have that guy on your team. Hardware, front end, back end, servers, databases, project management and client coordination etc. etc.

Data Masters

Those who understand and collects data, rules. Expertise comes with years of data gathering, migration and manipulation which has given us the ability to tackle anybody's data needs.

Mobile Strategy

Do you go native app or web app? Do you go IOS or Android? So many questions and so confusing. Let us guide you what will work and get you to market the fastest.

Web Development

HTML5 & CSS3 compliant code, handcrafted for your site. We pride ourselves on clean, easy to service code. Not convinced, have a peek at our source code.


It is not just logo design, but we identify the entire look and feel of your company and carry that across all media.

Graphic Design

The art of communicating your message, combining visuals and text in ads, magazines, brochures, etc. We will supply press-ready files to your local printer for ease of delivery.

We just Love What We Do...

Moreover, we love helping your employees and customers do what they want to do.

Contact us today to find out how we can construct some creative solutions for your business, to streamline workflows, raise profits, or just get you out on the golf course quicker.

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Who we are

SmartTips Creative Team

Mike Bell

Mike Bell


A Victoria, BC-based software developer versed in the whole spectrum of system design and development.

Mike doesn't believe good software always involves creating a new system from scratch, sometimes it's taking multiple existing systems and understanding how to make them talk to each other, so you get the results you are looking for.

20 years of programming has allowed Mike to work on multiple application stacks giving him the knowledge and diversity to think out of the box. With a love for data and database design, Mike is always striving to figure out ways to gather, display and utilize to the best use. Also versed in multiple levels of communication (email, SMS, phone) methods and software allows for some interesting customer retention/contact solutions.

LOGIC will get you from A To Z IMAGINATION will take you EVERYWHERE
Albert Einstein
Combined, almost a half of a Decade Experience

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